Guess What?!

We are expecting a baby!! Due November 2018! It feels so surreal to be announcing it to the public but we’ve had so much love from everyone.

Currently, we are waiting to hear back from my blood test results that’ll tell us the gender!! 😬 The blood test is for genetic testing but it also tells us the gender as well which is a bonus! I’ll be 14 weeks come Thursday. I will definitely try to post updates here and there of my journey through this and all the things I’m finding out and learning. Check out our announcement video below!




1 Year Wedding Anniversary

We’ve officially been married for a year (together for 7). I’m sure everyone thinks this but this first year of marriage has flown by! When we got married we had some goals we wanted to achieve or work towards within the first year and it’s safe to say that we are doing pretty good with those. I think setting goals for each year as a couple is something positive. It’s a relationship builder and something you can strive to accomplish together. They can be as small as having date nights or as big as buying a house.

So we tried to do like 15 different things for our anniversary before we finally came to a plan that would work and that we could agree on! We tried to reserve a room at 2 different Omni hotels (both were booked out), tried camping at a few different campsites and those were all booked out. It wasn’t till the week before Josh happened to look again at a campsite and found 1 remaining spot left! So we snagged it! We’ve been collecting and buying camping gear for like the past 3 years but never have gotten to really use a lot of it. We stayed at Fort Clinch State Park near Fernandina, Florida. We only stayed one night which I’m thankful for because it ended up being a really cold weekend!

We got there and set up camp! Built a fire and Josh cooked up a steak dinner, primitive style. Our sleeping bags held up through a freezing cold night (for Florida-in the 30’s) but apparently what we needed was a ski mask to keep our faces warm. Woke up to the sun coming up and finally some warmth on our faces and Josh lit another glowing fire. We cooked eggs, bacon, and hash browns. It was delicious! We snuck away and found a local coffee shop, toured the Fort and then went back to downtown Fernandina and checked out some shops.

We ended our anniversary weekend with a dinner Sunday night at the local restaurant, River and Post. I highly recommend this place! They even have a trendy rooftop bar with comfy lounge seating and an amazing view!

What kinds of things do you and your significant other like to do to celebrate anniversaries? Let me know in the comments!

Xoxo, Kaitlin

Life Update

I think everyone can relate to the fact that sometimes life takes a hold of you and you get busy and poof it’s 6 months later. I haven’t posted on here in quite some time. But I wanted to just stop by and say Hello! I’m still here!

Not too much has happened in my life. I teach Kindergarten so once school started I’ve seem to have been in such a whirlwind since August! It’s such a rewarding job but an incredibly exhausting one. It’s so true when you hear, “there’s no tired, like teacher tired!”

We celebrated Thanksgiving in Kansas City with my husbands side of the fam. And in the same week, got to stand by my sister-in-law while she got married!! Then got to celebrate Christmas with my side of the fam. We had our first Christmas as a married couple in our first home together.

Now it’s 2018! I can’t believe it’s already a new year. But I think I say that every year… We celebrated my husbands 29th birthday and now that will bring you to present day. We’re currently enjoying the company of my father-in-law at our home. He came to see us for his birthday.

Thanks for catching up with my life and I have a few blog posts that are in the works for March. (Which will include our 1 year wedding anniversary!) If you have any posts you’d like to see just drop a comment to let me know. Thanks in advance 😊



Elizabeth & James Nirvana 


It might be the chillier weather but I’ve recently been craving to have a warmer, spicier, scented perfume lately. For comparison, my day-to-day perfume is Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy. I’ve used that consistently for about 7 years now. But I love having other scents on hand for when I want to change it up. {An awesome summer scent is Fresh’s Sugar Lychee perfume!}

I’ve seen a lot of hype about the Elizabeth and James Bourbon perfume from some of the YouTubers I follow but had never actually smelled it in person. Let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint. I found this mini collection of Elizabeth and James perfumes at Sephora and thought it’s the perfect way to try out some of the scents. Not included is the Amethyst and French Grey perfume they make. Not to mention, this would be an awesome gift for someone who likes woody, heavy bodied, scents. Let’s not forget the adorable bottles either!

In the set you get a 6.8 ml bottle of:

  • Black
  • Bourbon
  • White
  • Rose


Black// Probably my 2nd favorite. Has notes of vanilla, sandalwood, and violet. Could definitely be a unisex fragrance. I got my husbands approval that he thinks this as well.

Bourbon// My favorite! You’ll find a mix of oak wood, vanilla bourbon, and tuberose aromas. It can smell quite manly but once I put it on my skin it became a lot sweeter and I love it!!

White// This one reminds me of the perfume my mom wears. I may give this one to her because it’s more up her alley in terms of perfume than mine. (Not that my mom smells bad. I just can’t have my moms smell…that’s her smell, not mine. Lol)

Rose// I didn’t think I’d like this one because I’m usually not a huge fan of rose scented things but this is rose, with hints of vetiver and geranium. A little more oomph than your typical rose scent.





Meet the Face Behind Darling Feathers!


For those who read my blog and don’t know me personally, I thought I would introduce myself a bit. First off, my name is Kaitlin Feathers. I’m 25 years old and am married to my handsome husband, Josh. I’m a kindergarten teacher at such an amazing school! It’s an exhausting career but I don’t think I would want it any other way. I love kids 🙂 There’s some basic stuff for you. Oh and I LOVE coffee!!

I love the idea of blogging full time and I wish there were more hours in a day to get everything done because I would love to be able to post a couple times a week! I love everything fashion, baking, beauty, life, travel, etc. and I want to share it with the world! Places I would love to travel to are France (countryside & city), Amsterdam, Dublin, Brighton, Maine, Seattle, Costa Rica, and New York. I have lived in 2 places in my 25 years of life-Florida and Missouri, then back to Florida. However, I would love to move back to the Midwest. There is just something so special and cozy about the Midwest. It feels like a much simpler life there and I thoroughly enjoy having 4 seasons, whereas, in Florida there’s warm and hot. Those are the only 2 seasons around here! 

My first job ever was at Chick-Fil-A but I’ve also worked at J.Crew, Madewell, Cheesecake Factory, and West Elm. Oh retail….

I am quite a clothes addict. My husband hates it cause I try to get rid of clothes to make room for new ones (so I’m not a hoarder) but then I put clothes in a bag for charity and take forever to actually drop them off. 

Thanks for getting to know me a bit. 🙂 If you have any blog posts you’d like to see from me, drop some suggestions below!
Happy Friday!! 

September Birchbox

I’ve been sick off and on this past week so I was having a slow Saturday morning laying on the couch when Josh brought me my Birchbox that had just been delivered. I love it; it is like a little present each month! With that being said, I like to sometimes quit my subscription for a few months and then go back to it for a few more months because I also love still buying makeup/skincare and check out stuff that is in stores here…if that makes any sense!


#1 Daily Concepts Your Facial Micro Scrubber

I have not tried this yet but I am super excited!! I may buy the full size one after this one gets tossed out! It is only $8 from Birchbox’s website. It has a little pocket that you slip your hand through and when used with your normal face wash, it acts as an exfoliant. There is a little tag on it with writing and when all the writing has faded, that is when the company suggests you toss it out. Because these things can harbor bacteria, you don’t want to keep them for too long. The full size one actually comes with waterproof packaging that suctions to your shower wall so that it does not sit in your shower or against your other shower products that don’t allow it to properly dry out.

#2 Arrow Eyebrow Enhance Brightener

So when you get to see what is coming in your box on the Birchbox app it showed this was a dual ended eyeliner & brightener but when it arrived, it was only the brightener. That is okay though because it would have been a pencil eyeliner and I generally only use a felt tip eyeliner. I’m excited to try the brightener out though!!

Edit: that brightener pencil sucks…It was so rock hard nothing even came off of it when trying to shade your brow bone.

#3 MAC Extreme Dimension 3D Lash Mascara

I’m not a huge MAC fan, not for any particular reason. Their makeup just hasn’t ever really appealed to me. I do have a blush by them that I love though! I was sent a teeny tiny little mascara though. I’m very picky about mascara so hopefully this one will pass my tests 😉 It has the plastic bristles on the wand that are very short, so we shall see.


#1 Amika Un.Done Texture Spray

Have you ever tried this brand? If not, do yourself a favor and get it! I originally found this brand when I started Birchbox years ago! I consistently use their dry shampoo and haven’t found any other one I like better. I’m sure the texture spray will not disappoint! These products also smell amazing. Another one I own is the blow out blow dry spray.

#2 Oribe Matte Waves Texture Spray

This brand is lux! I love everything I have tried from them, however, I can not justify spending that much on hair products so I continue to just wait and receive the samples from Birchbox! I’m interested to try this stuff because typically cream products tend to weigh my hair down and make it look really dirty. Fingers crossed it works because I have wavy hair and typically air dry my hair.

Thanks for reading what I got in my September birchbox! If you et birchbox, I would love to hear below what you got in yours!!


Hurricane Irma | Prep + Plan Checklist

As I sit here watching the news coverage showing the devastation this massive storm has caused to the Caribbean, I wonder what the damage will be to Florida, my home state. I’m fortunate to live in north Florida because generally the time hurricanes get to us they have weakened tremendously. As of now, it looks like it will be a category 2 or 3 by the time it arrives here early Monday morning. 

I have teetered back and forth about if I think we should evacuate but my husband is the calm one so we’ve made a game plan which I think is key for anyone who is in the danger zone of a natural disaster. As a native Floridian it is so hard to really know when to take the forecasters serious. You spend every fall listening to them tell you “This is the WORST storm ever” or “expect MASSIVE damage” and the storm downgrades to a tropical storm and we only get a few days of rain…. Once when I was a child we decided to evacuate to Tallahassee because our family lives there. It normally takes about 3 hours for us to get there and it turned into a 12 hour drive!!! I mean, that would traumatize anyone to never want to evacuate again. However, this does not mean that I don’t try to prepare for a major hurricane cause then that means that I’m just naïve. While I don’t think we will evacuate, we have spent time and money to prepare for a disaster or power outages. 

I have put together a list of things that you could use to ensure you have everything ready…

  1. Fill gallon size freezer bags with water and freeze.
  2. Have an empty cooler (you can also use your washer as a cooler if need be).
  3. Fill all your water bottles with water
  4. Buy gallon jugs of water (I hate all the little plastic bottles everywhere!!) 
  5. Obvious things like having batteries and flashlights. I also have tons of candles and a lighter.
  6. Pack “bug out bags” as my husband like to call them. These are for if you need to leave in a hurry because your home is compromised or flooding is beginning to occur. We used our hiking backpacks and liked them with minimal cloths, important documents, sleeping bags, knife, socks, underwear, water and snacks. 
  7. If necessary, board up your windows using wood or drill metal sheeting over your windows. 
  8. You can wedge a piece of wood over your door from the inside to stop any intruders who like to use disasters to get away with looting. 
  9. Put all your belongings that you might need during the storm in one central room. It makes it easier in the case of a power outage. 
  10. Buy dry foods like trail mix, canned Vienna sausages, canned tuna, chips, bread, peanut butter…things that can last without power. Also when the power goes out, try to eat as much of your refrigerated food as possible before going to your hurricane food so there is less waste. 

If you have any tips or tricks please share them below!! In the mean time I will continue to be safe and pray for all of those that have already been affected or are in Irma’s path. I’ll make a post to update you after the storm.